Oatchi and Pikmin in Pikmin 4.

How to 100% complete Aquiferous Summit in Pikmin 4


A quick journey underground

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Planet PNF-404 is massive, though utilizing the tiny Pikmin cleverly will help you accomplish even the biggest tasks. To fire up your spaceship, you need Sparklium, and while there’s plenty on the surface, you’ll have to head underground to find some of the best treasures. Aquiferous Summit is one of the first underground systems you explore, and it’s filled with tricks.

This guide will show you how to 100% complete Aquiferous Summit in Pikmin 4.

Map pinpointing Aquiferous Summit in Pikmin 4.
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Where is Aquiferous Summit in Pikmin 4?

The underground cavern is found on the northwest side of the Sun-Speckled Terrace, which is the first area you get to explore fully. The entrance is marked on the map above.

Aquiferous Summit 110% complete in Pikmin 4.
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How to complete Aquiferous Summit in Pikmin 4

You’ll need Ice Pikmin and Red Pikmin for this one. Once you’ve entered the summit, you’ll find yourself facing a pool of water. There is also Hydro Jelly to your right. Freeze and destroy the jelly using the Ice Pikmin and Oatchi, then claim the resources within.

Pikmin crossing frozen water in Pikmin 4.
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To your left, there is a pathway, and the water portion of it is frozen by Ice Pikmin. Leave it frozen for now, and cross the path to grab the treasure and smash the Hydro Jelly for more resources. Once you’ve moved the loot to the ship, you can claim the Ice Pikmin in the frozen water.

Frozen water in Aquiferous Summit in Pikmin 4.
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To complete the sublevel, freeze the pool of water in front of the ship. Hop over and jump into the next tunnel.

On Sublevel 2 start by smashing the Nectar Egg, then heading left. You’ll spot some Hydro Jelly you can freeze and smash. North of the Hydro Jelly, there are steps blocked by lava. Use your Red Pikmin to get rid of hot stuff, then use Oatchi to jump up the steps.

You’ll find some gold nuggets and treasure (a puzzle piece) to claim here. Two Pikmin are needed for the puzzle piece. There’s also a popcorn bag you can push to form a shortcut. After grabbing the puzzle piece, head to the sandy area adjacent to the current area.

There’s more Hydro Jelly here to smash, and a few more Ice Pikmin to pluck. After claiming the resources from the jelly, hop onto the stone in the middle of the room, and aim your Pikmin at the origami crane stuck in cobwebs. To get it out of the room, you’ll also have to press the white button on the stone to lower the iron fence.

You’re almost done! The last task left is to complete the clay bridge. You’ll find it in the same area the puzzle piece was located. Send your Pikmin to construct the bridge. Once it’s built, hop over it and rescue the Castaway stuck in Hydro Jelly before stepping onto the vent to head back to the surface.

From here on out, the caves will get increasingly complex, and there will also be plenty more creatures standing in your path. Collect different types of Pikmin, train Oatchi, and stock up on gear to give yourself a fighting chance.

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