How tall is Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn?

According to the developers themselves, Aloy is 5 feet, 6 inches

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Playing through Horizon Call of the Mountain on the PlayStation VR 2, it was fascinating to see how I compared, height-wise, to the cast. I’m 6’1″ tall, and other than Darth Vader in Immortal, it’s tough to find someone that I’m actually looking up to. That includes the Horizon series: at least when it comes to Aloy.

Aloy’s height, confirmed

For all of you who were wondering how tall Aloy was: the answer actually came about in 2017, before the release of the original game in February of that year. A costume artist happened to shoot over a question to the development team on Twitter, who checked with the designers and came back with an answer.

According to a tweet from Guerilla’s official account (the studio who worked on the game), Aloy is 5’6″ tall (or five feet, six inches tall). That’s 1.68 meters.

Wait, Aloy is in Horizon Call of the Mountain?

Yep! As a launch game for the PlayStation VR 2, Aloy does make an appearance Although she isn’t considered a main character in this story (and isn’t the protagonist the player controls in VR – that’s someone named Ryas), she does make an appearance early on, and helps acclimate you to the game world.

You can put this canon height to the test in Horizon Call of the Mountain, where you’re able to play from your current height and compare yourself to Aloy.

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