How SOPA and PIPA make Destructoid feel

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On Wednesday, January 18th, Destructoid took part in a blackout protest against the proposed SOPA and PIPA bills currently being considered by the US Congress. We feel strongly that the powers these pieces of legislation would grant could fundamentally change the internet as we know it and not for the better.

When we blacked out our site for the day, we asked all of you to send us a photo showing how the bills made you feel. As you’ll see in the gallery below, you did not disappoint. In fact, the vast majority even followed the instructions we gave for size and color. Really, an impressive showing all around.

It would take a much more talented writer than myself to convey how much we appreciate the immense support you’ve shown Destructoid in taking this action to raise awareness on an issue that affects us all. The fight isn’t over. There are still a lot of ill-informed people who wield considerable power over the future of the internet and we’re not done making sure our voices are heard. And we know that you guys have our backs. So, thanks for that. Also, cocks.

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