How old is Link in Tears of the Kingdom? – Answered

How old is Link in Tears of the Kingdom

We have some hints, and a vague new timeline since Breath of the Wild

Link in Tears of the Kingdom is the main protagonist, and you may question how old is Link in this game. There’s no specific information released by Nintendo, but there are clues on what Link’s age actually is. Here’s everything we know.

So exactly how old is Link in Tears of the Kingdom?

How old is Link in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
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There is no official word from Nintendo on Link’s age in Tears of the Kingdom or Breath of the Wild. However, Nintendo has strongly hinted that he’s older than 18. During the launch of Breath of the Wild, then Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime funnily called Link “hot” when questioned about him on CBS This Morning: hinting that our hero is at least 18.

The proportions of Link’s body structure have me believe he’s between 19 to 22 years old. Some elements of his facial features seem to be more developed. As Sidon has now taken his place as the king of the Zora, I think it’s probably a year or two since the events of Breath of the WildThe child bird character Tulin from Rito Village in the previous game is also now a teenager, another instance of time passing by.

If you count Link’s time asleep in Breath of the Wild, he’s 100 years older than his natural age.

How old is Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom?

Zelda seems to be around the same age as Link, just like in previous titles, so she’s also around 19-22 from our best guess. If we hear anything official from Nintendo about Link or Zelda’s ages, we’ll update this post.

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