How many Switch games do you own at this point?

You can say ‘just Zelda’

So it’s been nearly one month since the launch of the Nintendo Switch worldwide, and it has quite a few games under its belt. While a lot of folks have been parroting “it just has Zelda” for the past several weeks, there’s already a swarthy amount of physical and eShop games alike out for the system.

I’ve been playing a lot of Snipperclips and World of Goo with my wife, and even though the latter is a port (and dirty sounding), the IR and multiplayer really make it one of the easiest versions to pick up and play. Beyond that I’m still putting a dent in my 100+ hour Zelda file while I meander in and out of the 11 games I’ve acquired through review work and personal purchases.

I want to get an idea of what the attach rate is for software among the community though, as I’ve seen all sorts of anecdotal stories that involve anything from “I only intend to buy Zelda for it” to “I’m broke because I bought everything.” For me, this is the most active I’ve been with a launch console since the PS2 and Dreamcast.

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