How many of Rock Band’s 1,000 songs do you have?

I mentioned this yesterday in our gift guide, but now it’s official — Harmonix and MTV have announced that Rock Band now has more than 1,000 songs available to play. That’s more than 390 bands, according to the developer and publisher. 

Back in 2007 when I went to Harmonix’s Boston studio to check out Rock Band, I was told they’d be releasing music as downloadable content every week. I smiled and nodded, but in the back of my head was thinking “You’re full of sh*t.” Two years later, I stand corrected. 

I’m a bit of a junkie myself, and just checked — I have 711 songs (666 right before I exported the tracks from LEGO Rock Band). That’s stupid, and it makes me a bit dizzy. But I’m sure some of you out there have them all. 

So tell us, how many playable Rock Band tracks do you have in your library?

Nick Chester