How many chapters are in God of War Ragnarok?

How many chapters are in God of War Ragnarok?

Effectively 17, but technically 18

Some folks are coming to the end of God of War Ragnarok, but of course there’s that lingering feeling of “how much do I have left” when you’re nearing the finish line.

I constantly question how many chapters action games have, as the genre is built on crescendoing big moments, many of which could serve as the climax of any given adventure. But for God of War Ragnarok, there’s a simple answer: there’s 17 core chapters in the main story that are required to see the credits.

Here’s a full chapter list for God of War Ragnarok:

  1. Surviving Fimbulwinter (Fimbulvinter)
  2. The Quest for Tyr
  3. Old Friends
  4. Groa’s Secret
  5. The Lost Sanctuary
  6. The Reckoning
  7. The Runaway
  8. Into the Fire
  9. The Word of Fate
  10. Forging Destiny
  11. Unleashing Hel
  12. Reunion
  13. Creatures of Prophecy
  14. Unlocking the Mask
  15. Hunting for Solace
  16. The Summoning
  17. The Realms at War
  18. Beyond Ragnarök

So the 18th and final chapter is very literal: it’s beyond the scope of the core storyline/critical path. Without spoiling anything, the journey is mostly done, but there is still evil to fight in the world following the events of the conclusion, and the end credits.

Beyond Ragnarok is called the “epilogue” in-game, and allows for clean-up on any errant quests you have, as well as loot, gear, and so on. It also opens up a brand new epilogue-exclusive questline.

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