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I hope you’ve spent these past three weeks pouring your heart and soul into Persona 5, because the time has come. I’ve been teasing the end of this website for a while now, talking about how the fibers of civilization that hold this community together shall be torn asunder. Yes, it’s time to talk about waifus. Or more specifically, your favorite Persona 5 characters.

[Spoilers ahead as we will be talking about important characters in Persona 5.]

Discussing your favorite characters of a game is a staple topic. But ever since social links were introduced in Persona, picking and choosing the best is like aligning yourself to a covenant. I dare not uncover the old scars that are your choice Persona 4 waifus, but three weeks into Persona 5 we’ve all surely made a lot of progress in choosing our favorite characters.

I have a handful of favorites who I wouldn’t ordinarily call my waifu, like Munehisa Iwai. This shady model gun dealer just seems like your typical grouchy, gun-dealing adult. Get to know him though and you basically learn that the entirety of Iwai’s confidant questline is just the Yakuza series. And I have a soft spot for Yusuke Kitagawa, because anyone who’s been poor can relate to Yusuke’s starving artist routine. He just happens to be a Fox-mask-wearing Phantom Thief, as well as a starving artist.

Of course, if I had to go out on a limb and choose a waifu, my first choice ’round would have to be Makoto Niijima. The student council president of Shujin Academy and a studious academic who wishes to help support her older sister with a good job, you find through the course of getting to know her that though she is a proper and disciplined individual, beneath that cool exterior is a burning hot rage ready to spill out. In a nutshell, she’s Chie and Yukiko put together.

So how is the community doing with favorite characters? These answers were fielded a few weeks ago, but you better believe there will be updated answers in the comments, and more from commenters like you.

TheBlondeBass is enjoying a reinvigoration of the series’ mechanics:

“I’m really digging how they’re reintroducing elements to the game that were lost in 3/4 (ranged weaponry, demon negotiation, proper level design) in a way that still works very well with the modern formula. Really, really good so far.”

DeadMoon has a choice, I’m sure, somewhere in the maelstrom of his mind:

“Why are you doing this to me Strider?!?

Don’t make me choose…..”

When I started reading LaTerry’s comment, I forgot if he meant his own finals or the exams in Persona 5:

“The semester is winding down and finals are coming up, so I can’t dedicate much time to Persona 5 at the moment. I’m only in the second dungeon, but even with the little bit that I’ve played, the game has already stolen my heart. I hum it’s battle theme to myself all the time, I constantly am thinking about how to best spend my time, and wondering if Morgana will let me do the things that I want to do. Since I’m still so early in the game I haven’t met very many characters yet, so there’s no way for me to choose someone as my favorite. I do really like all the social links that I’ve been able to do so far, they’ve all been interesting. I only just got my kindness stat up so that I can see what Ann’s social link is like and I’m looking forward to that.”

FakePlasticTree has played the Japanese version before:

“Beaten the Japanese version a while ago but so far I’m enjoying the localized version, the voice actor’s aren’t quite on par with the Japanese cast like previous games. But they’ve grown on me. Mercer perfectly simulates the same kind of observant and serious tone of the Japanese actor.

Feel free to spoiler tag the below names as some might be considered spoilery, but yeah. Favorite character is probably self-explanatory but outside of that one Sojiro, Yusuke, Futaba, Makoto, Shido, Akechi, Hifumi, Yoshida and Tae Takemi.”

Czar Kazem appreciates the Sakura family:

“The true P5 hero is clearly Sojiro. Pimp me out, curry-daddy I love you.

Though I mean I’m gonna marry Futaba too so I’m not committing to anything yet.

But if Makoto wants to come over and kick my ass I’m not gonna complain…

… After all if that means a trip to Bae Takemi, I’ll take the hit.

I really like all of the characters. I’m working through the fifth Palace so I’m excited to actually develop the Confidants more and get to understand them but it’s all been great. Even irritating dweeby Mishima.”

Torchman knows true best girl:


Robosquid has many side girls:

“Makoto is prime dating material as well as Hifumi.

However Futaba is the most interesting character and I want to be her best friend forever. 

Futuba is a treasure and most be protected at all cost.”

Bob The God Lawyer loves the Inkling:

“Futaba is best girl for me. As I said when I first saw her story she kinda spoke straight to my heart. I had to date her so I did in the end. Zero regrets. 

Second is perhaps poor Haru. Or maybe punk doctor? Best maid?….. Okay so I don’t know who second is because they are all really great!”

TurboJasper is loving Futaba as well:

“Futaba seems like a progression of that idol lass from Dancing All Night and I like both of those characters. Futaba is a wonderful lady!”

elric6 knows the true struggle of playing a Persona game:

“This is going to be a tough one as I have four favorites outside of the main party alone.”

Who is your favorite character in Persona 5, and dare I ask, waifu? Leave a comment below and sound off!

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