How does the Armory Unlock system work in MW3

There is a way to cheese the system.

Armory Unlock system MW3 Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 introduces a new way to unlock items, weapons, and perks in multiplayer and Warzone. Unfortunately, it requires you to go through the confusing and annoying MW3 Armory Unlock system.

Armory Unlock system MW3 Modern Warfare 3
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MW3 Armory Unlock system explained

The MW3 Armory Unlock system is the new way in which you unlock new weapons, perk items, tactical equipment, and more. In the past games, you would just level up your character to unlock all the base items available. Later items in future seasons would have specific challenges, but that’s about it.

However, the new Armory Unlock system works like a mix of the two. You have the base 55 levels in this game but also challenges for many of the weapons and items. For instance, the popular Rival-9 SMG says it unlocks when the player reaches level 25. However, that isn’t actually the case.

When you reach level 25, an Armory weapon challenge unlocks for the Rival-9. You then have to complete that challenge to actually obtain and use the SMG. The challenge, fortunately, is the same across the board for everything from the Semtex grenades to the trophy system field upgrade and more.

This is the challenge you must complete for each one:

  • Complete three daily challenges to unlock the item

And that’s it. This system basically exists to make the player play longer and go for the actual daily challenges that appear in the game, such as eliminating players with grenades or getting headshots with pistols. Once you complete three of these daily challenges, you’ll unlock the next weapon or item you have queued up in your Armory.

Armory Unlock system MW3 Modern Warfare 3
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How to quickly unlock new weapons and gear in MW3

The MW3 Armory Unlock system can sound a bit annoying, especially when you get daily challenges for objectives you may not normally do, like using a sniper rifle. But there is a way to cheese the system if you are willing to give it a shot. You unlock a bonus fourth challenge each day only after you complete the first three.

I highly recommend going out of your way to complete the initial three, even if you don’t like the objective. This will grant you one Armory item on its own, but the fourth challenge is the true goal here. You see, the fourth challenge gives you unlimited daily challenge completions for every single match you win in the game.

Basically, every match you win is like completing a daily challenge. This means you get three wins in a row and suddenly have another Armory item unlocked. You can do this as many times as you want until the next set of daily challenges arrive. This is by far the best and easiest way to unlock items in the game at this time.

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