How does Patapon Multiplayer work? Gather round and listen

In a recent visit to Sony’s Tokyo offices, 1Up was treated to some scrumptious new information about Patapon 2, including tidbits about how the multiplayer mode will work. Four adventurers will bravely forage across the Patapon universe at a time, and if you choose to rock it solo, the other three will be computer controlled. The first section presents a quest to obtain a giant egg, while the second involves carrying the egg to a shrine to hatch it and gather the treats within (hint: it won’t be a yolk).

From the source:

In this mode you get to play the new customizable hero class Patapons. Kotani’s hero (which he’d named “Hero”) rode a horse, but others we saw included an archer-type hero and one mounted on an eagle. Along with the hero class, Kotani said that the game will include three new Patapons, but remained mum on whether one of those would be a hoped-for flying unit. 

Designer Hiroyuki Kotani also commented that the game will have an easy mode, as there were many complaints about the game’s ramped up difficulty near the end. You can also expect a ton of new songs in addition to the return of the classic ones from the first game. The game will be shown at this year’s TGS, so we should be able to bring you some hands on impressions within the next few days.

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Colette Bennett