How are you finding the wastelands of Fallout 76 so far?

A megaton blast or shoulda stayed in the vault?

It’s been a few days now since Bethesda rolled open the vault doors and allowed wanderers everywhere the chance to step, blinking, into the warm, irradiated air of Appalachia – or West Virginia to the rest of us – in their online adventure game, Fallout 76.

And hoo boy, people have not been shy about getting their opinions out there about this latest jaunt through the deadly, inhospitable and lawless wastelands. The Fallout series has an ardent and dedicated following, thanks to a series of great games that can swallow up hundreds of hours of a player’s time. Fallout 76 is an unknown quantity however, a living, breathing world of real-life players all attempting to build themselves (literally) a little hovel to to call their home, stocked with all the radroach meat you can eat.

So tell us, have you been wandering the country roads? stocking up on stash? bumping into other players for friendly chatter who laser-blasting warfare? What has been your Fallout 76 experience been so far? Do you think Bethesda’s risk will pay off, sooner or later, or are you already missing the traditional gameplay of previous entries such as Fallout 3 and New Vegas?

Whatever your first impressions on Fallout 76, pour yourself a can of murky brown water, put your feet up and share your experience with us below.

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