Hover: Revolt of Gamers is launching on May 31

Get up to Get Down!

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It has been quite some time since we last reported on Hover: Revolt of Gamers. While I somewhat remember the announcement of the Jet Set Radio inspired indie game, I didn’t realize it had been available on Early Access for almost two years. It looks like development is wrapping up as developers Midgar Studio and Fusty Game have announced it will be leaving Early Access on Steam May 31.

If you know nothing of the game (like me), then let this nice bullet pointed list fill you in on the features:

  • An Amazing City: Hover City is a huge futuristic city full of colors. Its buildings offer breathtaking vertical playgrounds.
  • Total Freedom: Explore the open-world city from its skyline to the underground while doing “parkour”, tricks and high-speed races.
  • Build Your Team: Unlock 9 playable characters and improve their skills to create the perfect team.
  • Various Gameplay: The core action is based on nervous races and amazing tricks, but the game also offers many alternative ways to play from stealth missions to sport matches with friends.
  • Choose Your Experience: Instantly switch from single player to multiplayer, whenever you want. Play in first or third-person, or activate the auto camera that mixes both and offers a dynamic experience.
  • Create Your Own Challenges: Without leaving the game, use a very simple editor to create your own challenges playable in solo or multiplayer.

There is no mention of the release dates for the console ports, but I would assume those will be landing this year as well. Some new screenshots will have to tide you over, for the time being. The game is currently priced at $19.99 and isn’t set to increase, so don’t worry about rushing to get some pre-order deal.

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