Housing crisis hits Home: Free apartment available

The far-reaching tentacles of the villainous ECONOMIC CRISIS SQUID have slithered their foul way into PlayStation Home, where housing prices are so low they’re practically giving them away. This oh-so-funny bit of “satire” basically means to say that a new apartment is available in Home for the low price of bugger-all, but only for a week.

If for some reason you absolutely adore Home yet still aren’t quite retarded enough to want to spend money in it, you can exchange your standard apartment for the “Chamber Apartment.” This is obviously very exciting and stuff, so I’m sure all of you will now break the vow of a lifetime and reinstall Home to download it. 

The new apartment has a tree with a human face in it, automatically making it the most interesting thing that will ever be in Home. I’ll wager that the thirty-two seconds of amusement you’ll get out of that tree is well worth sitting through five minutes of loading screens for, right?

Jim Sterling