Houser is honored to be hated by ‘creeps with weird agendas’

Rockstar’s Sam Houser has talked about the negative press he has received since becoming the evil mastermind who forced Grand Theft Auto IV into the screaming, refusing hands of innocent persecuted children. The game developer and part-time murderer has been talking about his many critics, offering this interesting response:

I think we probably read most of [the criticism] – if you turn on a computer this stuff reaches you, usually forwarded by an old friend laughing at you. 

No [I don’t pay attention to critics] – I think [he and brother Dan] are both depressed at how boring we really are and how unexciting even the worse fabrications and exaggerations are when you read about them. None of it seems very rock and roll…

Most of the people who hate us are people it is truly an honor to be hated by – reactionary creeps with strange agendas – and the Daily Mail.  Most people who know about modern pop culture know about GTA and like or dislike it on its own merits.

I’ve often said that the quality of a man can be measured by the number and stupidity of his critics, and this is certainly true of the brothers Houser. That their detractors are mostly compiled of confused reactionaries and the intellectually dishonest definitely speaks in their favor. Being despised by The Daily Mail can only be a compliment.

Jim Sterling