Housemarque is bringing twin-stick shooter Nex Machina to PC

My hopes are high for this one

Housemarque (Resogun) and Eugene Jarvis (Robotron: 2084) are collaborating on a twin-stick shooter, and that’s such a beautiful thought. The new game, Nex Machina, really does look like a fitting fusion. You’ve got robo-blasting, human saving, invincible dashing, hidden paths, and yes, voxels.

Today’s news is short but most definitely sweet: Nex Machina will appear on PC as well as PlayStation 4, as previously announced. To that end, “the game will be controller focused, but we are also fine-tuning a mouse and keyboard control scheme as we speak.”

It’s unclear when exactly this will all come together, but Housemarque is aiming for a summer release.

Nex Machina [Steam]

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