House of Cards season 6 will stream in November

We live in Claire Underwood’s world now

It’s been a long time coming, but Netflix’s flagship show House of Cards is finally making its return. The final season will stream on November 2, and will star Robin Wright as President Claire Underwood. Wright’s character replaces Frank Underwood, previously played by former leading man and overall bad person Kevin Spacey.

The long saga began after multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment against Spacey came out, with incidents allegedly even taking place on the House of Cards set. Production was shut down, Spacey was fired as the lead actor (and as a producer), and eight new episodes for the now-final season had to be hastily written with Robin Wright as the lead.

The show has become increasingly cartoony and absurd in the past couple of seasons—presumably to compete with the absurdity of real life. As this is the show’s last season, here’s hoping that Wright leads the show in sticking the landing for this once prestigious program.

Check out the poster (which mirrors the poster for the very first season) and some new stills in the gallery below.

‘House of Cards’ Poster Finds Robin Wright Taking Center Stage in Final Season [Collider]

Chris Compendio