Hour of Power: Shadowgate edition

Welcome to the first edition of Hour of Power! Once a week, you’ll have the opportunity to jump inside the Dtoid time machine (which, coincidentally, looks like a giant robot head) and warp back to the yesteryear of gaming, courtesy of Nintendo Power.

This feature on Shadowgate knocked me directly back into 1990 before I could ever get to the time machine to set the date. This was one of the first games for the NES to use the PC adventure format. Since I was obsessed with computers and couldn’t quite afford one at the ripe old age of 13, this game was the next best thing. It seems like this genre has kind of died at the hands of game evolution. Myst is probably it’s spiritual successor, but lacks the campy fun element games like Shadowgate seemed to master. Of course, at the time I took the fight against the Warlock Lord quite seriously, but he seemed like the kind of guy that might eat my heart if I didn’t.

Thanks to this nifty site, you can relive the adventure on your phone, Palm Pilot, or downloadable brain implant. Ok, I made the last one up. Ignore my shenanigans and tell me what point and click adventures made you a happy puppy back in the day.

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