Hot Wheels has a Rocket League RC game that costs $180


Playing real-life Rocket League doesn’t have to be as expensive as buying a few cars and knocking around a giant soccer ball. But, other options aren’t necessarily cheap. Hot Wheels has come up with an officially-licensed alternative.

On November 1, the Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals Set hits store shelves. It’s a two-car Rocket League setup that comes with an Octane and a Dominus, which are the game’s signature cars. Each car is controlled via Bluetooth by connecting to a smart device — all through a free app. Then they spin around the pitch trying to corral the ball into the goal.

There’s a $180 price tag hanging over this which, uhh, feels excessive. This video from early 2018 makes the Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals Set seem unwieldy, like the sort of clumsy controlling that ensures most goals feel more accidental than skillful. Maybe —hopefully — it’s better than that because $180 is a lot of cash for two RC cars and a faithful recreation of a Rocket League setup.

For actual Rocket League players, there’s a tiny bit more incentive to pick this up. It comes with some DLC exclusives: A Hot Wheels goal explosion, a topper, and a decal for both the Octane and Dominus. Interestingly enough, this set’s high price might make the goal explosion the rarest in the game.

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