Hot Toys announces Resident Evil 5 figures, drool now

Hot Toys are known for doing absolutely sick levels of detail when it comes to toys — check out their insane Joker figure, for instance —  but it seems to me they’ve really topped themselves when it comes to these Biohazard 5 figures (that’s Resident Evil 5 to us, of course). Tomopop spied some pics of them last night floating around on Toys Daily, and this morning’s press release just gave us further confirmation that these incredible figures are coming our way very soon.

Both Chris and Sheva measure in at 12 inches and are fully articulated. The clothing is made of real fabric for both characters, and they also both ship with a wide selection of guns (for example, Sheva has a knife, a handgun, two machine guns, a shotgun, a rifle, a magnum, a shotgun and a hand grenade). They also come with accessories like a personalized stand, a headset and radio, and sets of extra hands so you can pose them to fit any gun you may choose. Did I mention the detail here is sick?

No info is available on priving or specific release date on these, but we do know they’ll drop sometime in the 3rd quarter of this year. If you want them, start saving now, because you definitely pay for the level of detail you get when it comes to Hot Toys products, but it’s definitely worth it.

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