Hot Topic cashes in on Guitar Hero II; yeah, punk is officially dead

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Hot Topic, the company that brought you such chillingly anti-authoritarian fashion statements as, well, anything you’ve seen on that smelly kid who subsists primarly on pieces of his own flesh pulled from his face and Mountain Dew, have started selling a line of Guitar Hero II shirts. Of course, to compliment their psuedo-cutting-edge gaming-as-hipsterism shirts, they still offer wallet chains, music from bands Carson Daly is too hip to listen to, and all the faux-teen-angst you can shake a loaded shotgun at.

Sorry kids, gaming used to be cool. It used to be a refuge from the “normal people” with their “attractive girlfriends” and “proper hygeine”, but with Hot Topic’s apparent co-opting of your favorite titles, it’s now strictly mainstream. Every time you fire up your PlayStation, Xbox or Wii, you’re officially fellating the money-hungry phallys of “The Man”.

As a reaction to the assault on our haven, Destructoid is going to be changing from a video game Web site to a Web site devoted to DIY bird feeders. You heard it here first; home made bird feeders are the new black.

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