Hot Sticky Mess is the ‘hardest’ Electronic Super Joy DLC to date

Your buttless ass is in for a world of hurt

[Update: The levels in Hot Sticky Mess were designed by Don Nguyen and Cassie Chui, not Michael Todd and Cassie Chui as originally reported. Apologizes for the error.]

Electronic Super Joy is a happy, scary game about a buttless man who works for Pope Boris the Sexy. It’s quite an experience — tough but fair, liberal but conservative, hard but soft, big but small. That’s a lot of buts for a game about a being buttless. 

It’s coming to consoles next year, which will hopefully expose the game to a lot of wanting, happy faces. To tide you over in the meantime, creator Michael Todd and designer Cassie Chui have released Hot Sticky Mess, a load of Steam DLC which offers the stiffest Electronic Super Joy challenge yet.

If you’ve picked up some of the sexual innuendo present in this post and you’re worried that this game is about semen, worry no more. According to Cassie “… thats the joke, but it’s really something else entirely”. Hopefully it’s the The Stuff. We’ll have to play it to find out. 

Jonathan Holmes
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