Hot Pong action, coming to a chest near you

Video game shirts with their boring, static images are so 2006. Not this shirt, though. This shirt is the future!

The geniuses over at Think Geek are selling a t-shirt that animates Pong being played on your chest. Sorry, Retro Table Tennis, as they are calling it. Check it out in all its low framerate glory here.

Sadly, the animation is on a loop and you cannot actually play the game. Which is unfortunate because I would have loved to been able to use the pick-up line, “Care for a game of Retro Table Tennis?” as I thrust out my chest and pulled a controller out of my pants.

Two AAA batteries to run the shirt are not included. But what is included is the satisfaction of knowing that you are the coolest person in the room. And by “coolest” I mean “nerdiest.” And by “nerdiest” I mean “most awesome.”

Chad Concelmo