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So far, we are the place to get these two Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey demon codes. You won’t find them anywhere else…yet. Atlus gave us the hook-up and now we’re hooking you up.

Both of these demons are pretty great. There’s a buff Hare that is 15 levels higher than normal. This version knows Kamakaze for sacrifical damage dealing, and then has Diarahan to heal up. Nice!

One demon you can’t acquire any other way than from a password sounds good, doesn’t it? We’ve got one: Megami Ishtar. This is a level 51 badass that can cast Invitation, which can revive and re-summon a killed demon all at once.

Here are your codes:

  • X-X!Hol
  • ISHTAR FIGHTS (line 1) TAMMUZ ANGELS (line 2)

Ha! I love the demons that talk in all caps.

Hit the jump on the full details on both of these demons. Thanks, Atlus!

For X-X!Hol: In Japanese lore, the Hare of Inaba’s tricks backfired when some sharks ripped the skin from his body. This version of the Hare is pumped up and out for revenge: he’s 15 levels higher than his base form, knows Kamikaze to sacrifice himself while dealing nasty damage, and doesn’t need a god’s help to heal himself afterward—not when Diarahan will recover full HP.

For ISHTAR FIGHTS / TAMMUZ ANGELS: You can get 100% Compendium completion through the course of normal play in Strange Journey, but there are some demons that don’t affect that total and aren’t available at all except through passwords. At last, the first of these is revealed: Megami Ishtar, a level 51 Light-Law demon who specializes in leveling the playing field after a bad setback. Amrita will clear any status ailments you receive, Silent Prayer eliminates all buffs and debuffs from all combatants in the fight, and Invitation revives and resummons a KO’ed demon in one easy step.

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