Hot new Mega Man 9 screens, awful pun intended

Listen up you retro gits, cop a load of these Mega Man 9 screens and try not to get jizz in your keyboard. I know it’s difficult, but do please try because it’s too early in the morning to be tightening up thin strips of tissue paper and digging them in between the keys. 

Yes, it’s Mega Man 9, every retro fetishist’s wet dream, with some more NES-inspired visuals. These particular images show off everyone’s “favorite” platforming stereotype, the lava level. You also get to gawk at the Magma Bazooka and the level’s boss in action.

Anyway, I’ll let you go off to print and laminate the pictures in peace. While dreaming about being blasted by Mega Man’s Magma Bazooka. You sick little toads.

James Stephanie Sterling