Hot new Final Fantasy XIII screens for you to glare at

As we trudge ever onward toward Final Fantasy XIII‘s 2010 Western release, I am getting more and more eager to get my hands on it. It’s been an incredibly long wait, but the gorgeous looking RPG is finally a dot on the horizon, and now we have some new screens with English subtitles affixed, reaffirming the proximity of the localized version.

The screens give us a nice high quality image of Bahamut, as well as some new shots of Ifrit’s “Gestalt” mode and some beautiful environments. Really though, you know what to expect with this gallery. It’s a console-based Final Fantasy game — you don’t need more screens to confirm how amazing it looks.

So, do like the lady in the header image says — shut up and come quiet. 

Haha, come. Do you get it? Like semen.

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