Hot girl-on-girl: Arcana Heart 2 headed to US arcades

Back when Atlus released Arcana Heart for the PlayStation 2, some were saying that this console version would be the only taste Americans would get of this Japanese girl-on-girl fighting game. Now it seems that the brawler’s sequel, Arcana Heart 2, will be available to US arcades.

Entertainment company Andamiro will be bringing this game to the States, says Arcade Heroes. They say that the title will only be available in kit form, but will be priced low. This means that you’ll have to frequent a pretty hip arcade to come across Arcana Heart 2 in the US, but at least it’s possible now.

Although it’s niche title, I know we have some Arcana Heart fans out there. Do you forsee your local arcade getting this one?

[Via GamesAreFun]

Dale North