Hot deal: 25 percent off PlayStation Plus one-year subs

Ye rare PS Plus deals

Now through February 10, Groupon is selling off PlayStation Plus one-year cards on the cheap with a $15 discount. For the first time since the holidays a PS Plus card has dropped below the $50 mark.

PS Plus Deals

Update: No surprises, the PS Plus deal at Groupon is OOS. Next best deal is Neogames on ebay for 15% off.

This is of course a physical card that Groupon Goods is offering, and is not a digital code. That said, delivery is free. With stock limited, we would not be surprised if it sold out before its February 10 expiration date. (As of writing over 5,000 units have been sold).

If your membership is already good for a few months it could still be worthwhile to pick up a card as it’s a common practice to stack PS Plus memberships. Tack on the additional 12-month subscription to your existing membership and you won’t have to think about renewal in the near future.

Having said that, if you don’t bother with any titles that requires an online component (because who needs friends), you can ignore this deal. For those wondering, the current PS Plus “free” games can be found here.

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