“Hot Coffee” class-action suit an utter failure

When Take-Two settled its case over the infamous Hot Coffee incident, a hidden sex scene less titillating than a drug-fueled orgy between the cast members of The Golden Girls, it was both sad and hilarious. Here we had a large corporation allowing itself to be bullied into capitulating to the ridiculous demands of profiteering lawyers and uninformed political pundits. The fact that Take-Two probably would’ve won the trial if they’d actually pursued it simply adds a tasty glaze of cynical humor to the hot coffee cake.

Well, you might want to sit down for this, but it turns out no one really cares. I know, I was shocked too. In fact, it turns out gamers are so collectively ambivalent toward the outrageous Hot Coffee issue that of the twelve million-plus people eligible to receive the $35 apology from Take Two, only 2,676 people have come forward to collect. It’s not exactly a stretch to assume that a portion of those that came forward simply did so for the check and not out of any sense of moral outrage that a paltry $35 would heal.

Thankfully, the eleven legal firms that pursued the case against Take-Two may find themselves unable to collect on their $1.3 million legal fees, thanks to the collective apathy of gamers toward poorly rendered bump and grind. So the tally at this point seems to be Take-Two: 0, Lawyers: 0, Gamers: 0 (or $35 if you collected). Don’t you just love the smell of justice in the morning?

[Via GamesIndustry.bizThanks, Wardrox]

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