Hot and Steamy: Sexy dwarven beards

Beam me up, hotty!

We made it gang. Thanksgiving has come and passed, Black Friday went off without a hitch, and we all gained a little weight. Thus is life.

Another constant in life until I tire of doing it is this here weekly series highlighting the potentially decent Steam games releasing for the week. I put on my wading boots and get waste high in the trash swamp known as the new release list of Steam to try to find you PC games that don’t smell, look, or sound like shit. Appreciate me, thanks.

Leftovers from last week

Turns out I got most of the last week’s winners correct the first time (with Araya especially doing well) only missing out on one free game that seemingly stealth released.

Do you ever find yourself yearning for the days of old when the characters in some fighting games were basically just pictures of the devs in costumes? Do you have a warm place in your heart for average-looking Asian men in tighty whiteys? Then look no further than Brief Karate Foolish, a free fighting game combining all those things into one dank package. One Steam review calls it “the best fighting game ever made” while others simply state “Good” and “I like this” and finally “I came.”

Games releasing this week

Slim pickings this week, but that always seems to be the case when Steam sales are going on. So here are the best games I could find that weren’t RPG Maker garbage or games attempting to cash in on the VR fad. Yeah, VR is a fad, I said it.

I’m still not sick of first-person puzzle adventure games (though I absolutely hated Obduction) and Quern – Undying Thoughts looks to be an interesting one, even if its title is a bit much. Looks like this one will have a lot of old-school-style puzzles with levels and switches and the likes, alongside an underwater section, so that’s good.

What if Chu Chu Rocket had a love child with a modern day minimalistic art style? It would be Hade, a simplistic puzzle game that looks a bit more confusing in this trailer than it probably is. Inoffensive enough to earn a spot on the list this week.

The Dwarves is a tactical crowd-combat based RPG that was crowdfunded for over $310,000, and it looks pretty fun: it’s a combination of Dynasty Warriors, Gauntlet, and Diablo. Plus, who doesn’t like dwarves? As far as fantasy races go they are easily one of my favorites. This is perhaps because of our similar features, including having epic beards that make everyone wet, regardless of gender. This one is also coming to consoles.

Another week during the holidays, another short list. After the Steam sale blows over hopefully there will be a new flow of decent Steam games for us to spunk over. If you’re like me your backlog is probably so big just thinking about it gives you a panic attack, so a break in hot new releases is sometimes welcomed.

Anything I missed releasing this week? Are you a developer, publisher, or concerned reader and want to make sure I don’t miss a game? Then feel free to comment, shoot me an email, or hit me up on Twitter. While you’re at it, shoot me a key for your game so I can let our readers know with confidence that your game is worth a look!

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