Hospital uses Wii Fit to help amputees

Patients at Seacroft Hospital in Leeds England are a sad lot. Not only do they require a lower prosthetic limb, but they also have to play Wii Fit to get used to it. Physiotherapists at Leeds have instituted a revolutionary new plan – get patients to play Wii Fit until they bugger off and sap someone else’s time.

The act of buggering off is difficult if the patient doesn’t learn how to balance first. Seacroft’s senior physiotherapist Lynn Hirst is using the popular game to give patients a visual indication of how poor their weight distribution is with their fake limb. Improvement is plotted in front of the patients’ eyes, possibly lifting spirits and pushing them to balance harder.

Hirst also allows her patients to play the mini-games, a terribly sweet retreat from realizing that a leg has gone missing. One patient found the therapy to be “marvelous.” He was probably depressed when he said that.

[via NintendoWorldReport]

Brad BradNicholson