Horizon Zero Dawn has gone gold

Taking on the legend

The beautiful-looking Horizon: Zero Dawn has just gone gold and will be launching on February 28 for PS4. Herman Hulst, the managing director over at Guerrilla Games, made the announcement on Twitter along with some words of encouragement and support for the staff involved.


In addition to this announcement, Ashly Burch (sister of Destructoid alumnus Anthony Burch) revealed that she will be voicing the main character in Horizon. Ashly has also voiced characters in Borderlands 2 and Life is Strange to some pretty strong critical acclaim, so her talent should be put to good use here.

With how similar this game looks to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it will be interesting to see the competition that crops up between Sony and Nintendo fans. I also think it is incredibly smart to launch a few days ahead of Zelda, possibly tipping over some people on the fence about the Switch. Then again, Breath of the Wild is launching on two platforms to Horizon‘s one.

Herman Hulst [Twitter]

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