Horizon wants to put all your games into one, open-source launcher

Less of that sneaky hardware scanning is always good

Here’s something pretty neat: Horizon – an open-source launcher that aggregates all of your games, regardless of whether they’re on Origin, Steam, Uplay, or wherever, into one application.

While it is possible to add external games to a lot of the current launchers, it can be a ballache doing it manually, not to mention a tad buggy. I don’t know how many times a bug’s come along and wiped 100+ non-Steam games from my library…

Horizon’s wanting to go a bit further than just your games though, and is planning on combining the various storefronts into one interface. That’ll be handy for bargain hunters who may normally take a while perusing through the various digital distributors out there for the best deal.

I really hope non-profit developer LaunchHorizon can pull it off, because having all my games in one open-source application would be great. The transparency of something like Horizon is much appreciated in a market that’s historically not been the greatest when it comes to respecting the user’s privacy.

Support for extra features like a big picture mode and LUA modding are planned for later releases, but there’s already a pre-beta build of Horizon available on their website right now if you wanted to check it out.

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