Horgihugh and Friends takes to the skies on Nintendo Switch today

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Fly the Anthro Airlines

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Chocks away, my furry friends, AkSys Games has released its cute, anthropomorphic shmup Horgihugh and Friends on Switch, bringing its challenging but totes-adorbs sky fighting action to the Nintendo platform. It is available to download from the eShop today, priced at around $30.

You can check out a trailer for the fun-looking arcade blaster below.

In the aftermath of a brutal world war, a fantastical, furry take on the planet has fully disarmed itself of all weapons in order to prevent such an atrocity from taking place again. Unfortunately, the skies are now under siege from an invading intergalactic force, The Gozareans, and with nowhere else left to turn, it is up to a party of retired pilots to take to the air in their vintage battle planes, squaring up against the invaders despite being both outmanned and severely outgunned.

Horgihugh and Friends boasts cheerful, cartoonish artwork by industry veteran Kou (Shantae, Mega Man X2) and a rousing soundtrack composed by Motoaki Furukawa (Metal Gear, Policenauts). As animalkind’s last hope, players will blast their way through six stages of pew-pew action, gathering power-ups, swiftly dodging a skyful of projectiles, and taking on a seemingly endless army of drones, captained by no less than 13 unique boss characters.

I’d been hoping to get to this release for review, but the relentlessness of the Not-E3 news season has unfortunately prevented me from doing so. Nevertheless, I’ll be sure to check it out. Chocks Away!

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