Hoping for God Hand feels with the new Hajime no Ippo fighter

Balrog only

Our first screenshot of Namco’s upcoming Hajime no Ippo PS3 fighter looked like Punchout!!, and that was alright. 

This lengthy trailer, however, points to a full 3D fighter and a huge, seemingly fungible skill list that instantly reminded me of God Hand, partially out of appropriateness, partially because everything seems to remind me of God Hand these days. 

I’d been meaning to get into the latest Hajime no Ippo anime for a while because sports anime can be great (Ping Pong: The Animation, am I right?). If this game hooks me in the ways I like (think Ichi the Killer), I just might start watching the show. For the time being, I will hope for Namco to somehow bring this West and curse the fact that I am not playing God Hand right now. 

Steven Hansen