Hopefully you won’t object to this Phoenix Wright statue

Statues and Limitations

Do you ever feel like you make a ton of mistakes on a day-to-day basis? Like you just can’t be trusted not to go down the wrong path when given a decision? Then perhaps you need a stern, guiding light in your life, one that can be provided by having a statue of Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright, staring at you from your mantelpiece.

Coming from First 4 Figures, the spiky-haired lawyer is to be immortalised in statue form, wearing his trademark blue suit and proudly pointing the accusing finger that has won him many a convoluted trial. There are no details yet on a price, release window or even any Limited Edition bonuses. But as pre-orders open November 23, no doubt F4F will bring us up to speed on all the details of the case.

You can check out a preview of the statue in the teaser trailer below. The original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Chris Moyse
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