Hop into the final LawBreakers community day before the servers shut down

Pour one out

Today is the final day to play Boss Key Productions ill-fated LawBreakers. In an effort to send the title off with a bang, the subreddit for LawBreakers will be hosting one last unofficial community play time. For the rest of today (September 14), the community will be bopping as players sign-in and frag-out to Cliffy B’s arena shooter revival.

Despite me not caring for the game, there was no reason why LawBreakers needed to fail. It was competently made and could be fun in bursts, but I suppose trying to shove in hero classes a la Overwatch just pushed players away. It doesn’t help that Boss Key abandoned the game for the seriously rough Radical Heights, either. Still, it is a sad day when a multiplayer game closes down only shortly after its first birthday.

We hardly knew ye, LawBreakers.

LawBreakers Final Community Play Night, Friday, September 14th [Reddit]


Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.