Hoopin’ is on the horizon for Rocket League


Rocket League did for soccer what few anticipated: it made controlling an individual player exciting. This past winter, it took the formula on ice with the hockey-themed Snow Day, and now it’s going further in the genre of sports in which two teams try to get a thing into an goal area. This time, it’s celebrating March Madness like ya boy Steven Hansen would: by hoopin’.

I’m looking at this teaser image and just imagining how its going to go down. Snow Day emphasized the ground (and wall) game, since the puck rarely left the ice. This will probably have shots coming from the ground as well, so as to lob the ball against the backboard and into the semicircular hoop. But then, I’m also picturing alley-oops from those air game masters, taking a teammate’s lob and dunking it in. There are going to be so many animated gifs.

Holy cow, I never thought I’d be excited to play a basketball video game. Rocket League, I love you.

It should be noted that the Rocket League Twitter account mentions the mode will be available “later this year” in another tweet, so it doesn’t sound like this will be here in time for the usual March basketball shenanigans.

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