Hoo boy, it’s Podtoid day so we need some good questions

SATPOTPAQ points are worth triple today

Podtoid on a THURSDAY?! I know. We’re the sort of wacky bunch that can pull it off. It won’t be easy and it won’t be enjoyable, but daggummit, we’re gonna do it.

Not that we’re the type to plan much (Steven has sired many children on accident), but we have a rough outline of what we’ll talk about. Intro, make fun of Darren, maybe some Gears of War if we’re feeling plucky, ???, SATPOTPAQ, Hot Dish.

Check out those question marks. That’s where you come in. Ask us some good questions or share a good story. Emphasis on good. Don’t bring your B game. We’ll swat that shit away.

If you’re incredibly shy or don’t want to make a Disqus account, shoot us an email. [email protected]. If you’re incredibly anti-email, I don’t know — shout it real loud. Maybe we’ll hear you.

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