Hong Kong Switch owners can finally access the eShop next month, but online play is still a no-show

There’s provisos

Curiously, Hong Kong residents could pick up a Switch like everyone else early last year, but all of the system’s online components were turned off in that region. In other words, if you lived in Hong Kong you had to create an eShop account for another region to buy games online — it’s a wacky and temporary situation that doesn’t feel great if you”re trying to tie all of your purchases to one home account.

That all changes on April 3, over a year since the system launched in Hong Kong, as Nintendo just announced that the regional eShop will go live on that date. However, that’s just the eShop — online play is still a no-show. Also, to actually buy games you need to go to the Nintendo Hong Kong website, purchase a code there, then redeem it on the Switch eShop.

Yeah, it’s weird. Nintendo explains that “more information” will arrive at a later time.

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