Homie Rollerz DS: polish up your rims and get the hydraulics ready!

Now the game haters of the world will find something to complain about in everything from Call of Duty 4 to Hello Kitty Online, but I can promise you they won’t even notice Homie Rollerz, a new DS title made about those little plastic figures of Mexican gang leaders and their generously tattooed ghetto chicas that you can get out of quarter machines. In fact, I predict it’ll sail right under their radar, never producing as much as a red flag.

In Homiez DS, the core play mechanic is called “Trick out and Roll out,” which basically means you will drive your pimped out car (acquired via completely legal means, of course) around and race other criminals stereotypes that I can only describe as “gringo gang leader” and “spanish mafia pimp.” Of course, due to their cute stylings, this is okay. I am about as far from racist as you can get, but last time I checked a guy that wears his bandanna tied low over his eyes is hiding from more than the sunlight, you know?

It amuses me that while the games we love are being cut down left and right, games like this will never be pointed out for encouraging children to become ghetto fabulous and mod out their cars or run around with street gangs. Isn’t that a poor influence? The title is clearly aimed at a younger market (or so I would think based on the look.) The defense would likely be that people that look like this aren’t necessarily criminals, and I certainly agree. But how does a kid tell the difference?

Also, is it just me or does the guy in the red car on the cover there also look like a pimped out version of Kotaku’s Brian Crecente? How in the hell do you get a man’s hair to do that, anyway?

Publisher:                    Destineer

Developer:                  Webfoot

Platforms:                   Nintendo DS

Genre:                         Racing

Release Date:             Feb 2008

Price / Rating:             $29.99/ Rating Pending


The wildly popular Homies characters take to the streets and in their favorite pimped-out rides in Homie Rollerz, a fast-paced, mayhem laden kart racer for your Nintendo DS! The core play mechanic of Homie Rollerz is “Trick Out and Roll Out”: Trick out your engine for more horsepower, jack up your hydraulics for more bounce, and customize your car with spoilers for the edge and style you’ll need to be the best racer on the street!




§  Trick Out and Roll Out: Earn respect points by doing stunts and winning races, then cash them in to trick out your car! Use the stylus to mod your ride, fit your car with a better engine for more speed, beef up your suspension and hydraulic systems for better turning and cooler tricks when racing, and more.

§  Rivalries and Respect: Take on your fellow Homies on their turf. Challenge Jokawild under the big top in the Homie Circus, drag race down Venice Beach against Big Loco and more. To win, you’ve got to learn the hoods, find the shortcuts, earn respect, and show your Homies who owns the street!  Use your hydraulics to get extra bounce off of jumps, tilt up on two wheels to sneak through narrow secret alleys, and unleash wild weapons to keep opponents off your back.

§  Multiplayer: Is one of your friends challenging your street cred?  Show them who owns the hood with up to 8 players via Local Wireless. Homie Rollerz also supports Download Play, so you and another Homie can play a trial version using only one cart!

§  Get to Know the Homies: Play as one of 10 slick Homies and enter the “Wizard Circuit,” a mysterious racing series through which the winner is granted a single wish by the wise and legendary Homie known as Wizard. Each character has a unique vehicle that can be upgraded in the garage for improved stats.  Learn what’s motivating each of your Homies: Why is Alien Ese stuck on Earth and how can he get back home? How did Zombie become undead and will he ever return to the land of the living?


Homie Rollerz is the first video game appearance of the popular Homies franchise.  Over 140 million Homies collectible figures have been sold to date! Trick out your car and hit the streets – Homies never die!

Colette Bennett