Homicidal Wiibot set to rampage

I was fine with the messing around with the Wiimote in order to make light saber sounds when you swing it around; nerds like Star Wars. I’m also okay with making it control a Roomba; nerds are messy, too. But creating a Wiimote-controlled, sword-wielding robot is where I draw the line. The folks over at USMechatronics decided it would be a good idea to … well, I’ll let them explain it:

We took an industrial robot, strapped a tennis racket and a sword to it, and put it under the control of a WiiMote.

Oh goody. After I accidentally caught an episode of 
Battlebots on Comedy Central, I was not laughing — I was scared out of my mind, and it had nothing to do with the fact that Carmen Electra was hosting a combat-robot competition show.

After having played Wario Ware Smooth Moves and realizing that “Hey, the Wii remote doesn’t really respond like it’s supposed to all of the time,” I’m a bit skeptical about the idea of a sword-wielding, Wiimote-controlled robot. 

Nick Chester