Home’s release date ‘doesn’t matter’ to Hirai: June 2045 launch confirmed

The perpetually postponed release date of Home has been pinned down for Autumn of this year, but if polygonal Sony boss Kaz Hirai’s words are meant to be taken as a warning, we might see yet another delay. The living Quake model has stated that Home’s launch date “doesn’t matter” and that he does not want the product to be rushed onto the market. Something tells me he’s trying to prepare us for a frustrating future announcement.

“I’d much rather make sure we take the time to have a great service rather than rush something into the market – only for consumers to say: ‘This is not enough for me.’

I want to avoid that. If we have the right service, it doesn’t matter when we launch – so long as it’s in a reasonable timeframe.”

A reasonable timeframe, eh? How long have people been waiting for Home, exactly?

Sarcasm aside, and acknowledging the fact that Hirai is probably making excuses, I can’t argue with the philosophy he puts forth. We as gamers in the Internet age demand everything yesterday, and live by the nanosecond. If something isn’t in our hands, the wait is too long. Crafting a quality product takes time, however, and if Sony is truly pushing Home back to make it all it can be, then more power to them.

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