Homefront: The Revolution has four player co-op

Gang Solves the North Korea Situation

Homefront: The Revolution‘s fight for freedom will be a tough one, but not necessarily a lonely one. Deep Silver revealed today that the game is sporting a four-player cooperative mode.

Multiplayer cooperative has been dubbed “Resistance Mode,” and it sounds to be fairly involved. Homefront: The Revolution is shipping with 12 different missions; the game’s director promises another 20 missions in the year following launch, all available to be downloaded for free.

We haven’t had an opportunity to test out Resistance, but Deep Silver released this sizzle reel trailer that sort of offers a look at the new mode. For a hands-on try, registered members of the Homefront community can take place in a closed beta on Xbox One from February 11 through February 14 (sign up here).

There’s more than one way to liberate Philadelphia, and one of them is with a little help from your friends. Like that Beatles song. But with war instead of peace and love.

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