Holy s$#%, Thimbleweed Park is getting some uncensored DLC!

Well, damn

One of the more colorful characters from Thimbleweed Park is the lovely Ransome the Clown. He has a lot of great things to say, but the censors were never too happy with him. Throughout your adventures in the game, you’d often be greeted with a lovely beep anytime Ransome would blurt out something a bit too colorful. Now, though, Ransome will have his chance to shine!

In a surprise announcement, developer Terrible Toybox is making a “Ransome Unbeeped” DLC pack available. Going for $1.99, this will let you uncensor everyone’s favorite clown and jettison Thimbleweed Park’s rating to a firm “M for Mature.” Because of how delightful Ransome is, though, this DLC will only be available on PC through Steam or GOG.

It is currently available and you can even get a small glimpse of the action in this trailer.

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