Holy Ocean is a game about biking across an ocean of meat

Holy Ocean Ribcage island

Uh… Hmm…

Mr. Pink, the developer behind Golden Light has announced his latest project, Holy Ocean. It’s shaping up to be – how do I put this politely? – a game.

Holy Ocean is described as an open-world FPS where you explore an ocean of meat on a bicycle. Along the way, you discover islands that look like human body-parts while fighting creatures and bosses. It sounds like Rose, a side character from Golden Light and protagonist of the side-story, Golden Light of Rose, will play a central role. The world is said to be “handmade” and “fully destructible.”

Mr. Pink has been noodling around with a few concepts lately. He’s shown off a bit of Holy Ocean previously under the name “Goldendola.” Aside from that, Mech Punk is another unique one available on Steam Early Access. He’s also demonstrated a concept for a dog-walking RPG. Sounds like a good way to stretch yourself thin, but Mech Punk gets updated so often, I don’t know how he has time to sleep. I guess a person needs to keep themselves occupied after fleeing Russia.

Golden Light was one of my favorite games released in 2022. The dark-weird, meatpunk style of Mr. Pink is an aesthetic I can get behind, so I’ve been keeping an eye on what’s being worked on.

Holy Ocean is available to be wishlisted on Steam. No release window has been set.

Zoey Handley
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