Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! 2 due out this spring

Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!: What Did I Do to Deserve This? is one of those games that, ten years ago, never would have made it outside of Japan. In other words, it’s pure gaming hilarity wrapped up in a fast-paced strategy bundle suited perfectly for the PSP.

The sequel, which is coming here under the utterly awesome name Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! 2: Time to Tighten Up Security!, is headed for a spring 2010 release. Along with the date announcement, NIS America has put forth a delightfully sinister trailer right here.

My strategy for the original game consisted of randomly digging tunnels like a madman until I ran out of dig power and then leaving fate in the hands of my minions. Since my lizardmen were lazy and my dragons were straight up unaffectionate dicks, I always scored poorly.

However, there’s hope yet. The Badman 2 trailer shows something called “The Overlord’s Chamber” — unless I’m mistaken, it looks like a mode in which you can basically screw around and watch your ecosystem grow. My prayers have been answered!

Jordan Devore
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