Holy crap, Sony’s making an urban jungle game

And by “urban jungle”, we mean it literally. Famitsu scans reveal the SCEJ-developed PlayStation 3 game to be called “Tokyo Jungle“. The scans show screenshots of various wild animals stalking the streets of a post-disaster Tokyo, doing what wild animals are wont to do. Perhaps Sony felt that Afrika wasn’t dangerous enough.

The game promises “hunting action”, and two modes of play: “Story” and “Survival”. PlayStation Network support is also a thing that will happen. And the screenshots show a distinct lack of human beings. Will we be playing as an animal?! Sounds like Primal Rage, except not as dumb.

By now you’re probably asking “but what kinds of animals will we see in the Tokyo Jungle?” Well, the pictures show elephants, lions, tigers, hippos, giraffes, gazelles, chimpanzees, porcupines, ostriches, rabbits, crocodiles, what looks like a Tasmanian Tiger, a Shiba Inu, Beagles, and…a Pomeranian. Are those dinosaurs in the back of one of the scans?!

And here I thought Catherine was the only weird Japanese game I’d be caring about this year. Perhaps more details will come out around the Tokyo Game Show.

Tokyo Jungle in Development for the PlayStation 3 [Gaming Everything via Jin115]

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