Hollywood to cash in with Angry Birds Rio this March

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Hollywood finally figured out how to make some cash off of the Angry Birds craze, it seems. Twentieth Century Fox has partnered with the game’s developer, Rovio, for an upcoming new game, Angry Birds Rio.

The title is a tie-in with the upcoming animated film, Rio, which animated whimsical feathered friends probably dance about to a dated pop song that old people dance to at weddings. The game itself sees the original Angry Birds being kidnapped and taken to the city of Rio. 

Angry Birds Rio
will launch in March — about a month before the film hits theaters — and will feature 45 levels to start, with new levels added “regularly.” It will be available for download on smartphone, tablets, and probably everywhere else those angry birds are found.

If the game maintains the Angry Birds gameplay formula, I don’t think it matters much to fans what other franchise it’s tied to. I will say, however, the next game I’d like to see is Angry Birds Saw. Think about that for a second.

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