Hollywood Goes Gaming explores the world of videogame film

I originally misread the title of this upcoming Starz show as Hollywood Does Gaming and had hilarious visions of Photoshopped porn DVD covers dancing in my head. Someone at the head of this project was not thoughtless enough to make that mistake, thankfully, which allows us to possibly take the concept of a show about videogames in film form a bit more seriously.

How much more seriously, however, I can hardly say. Regardless of how well-produced Hollywood Goes Gaming may be, it likely does not address the biggest issue present about the topic: How poor video game films are and the reasons why. As much as applying a tremendous budget to a video game storyline may seem appealing, it never seems to turn out to what it could be in the long run.

Anyway, enough of my blathering. The show boasts a nice interview lineup, showcasing such personalities as Nolan Bushnell, Jordan Mechner, Clive Barker, Don Bluth and Shigeru Miyamoto. If you should be so inclined, it airs November 26 at 9 p.m. Likely mostly polish and glitter, but may be a fun watch for the interviews alone.

 [Via Kotaku]

Colette Bennett