Hold Off Brownish-Yellow is cute, free, and fun

Game Jolt had a demake competition recently, which means more free games for us to check out. Unlike similar contests by other sites, this one limited developers to simplify independent games — nothing commercial, so no Mario, Zelda, or anything like that.

My personal favorite of the bunch is Hold Off Brownish-Yellow, although there are a few other good ones; I’ll get to those in a minute. You defend your heart against blobs (?) by shooting in one of eight directions, and every so often you get to upgrade either your health, damage, or rate of fire.

It’s simple, crave-inducing fun. Go play it! Some of the other games I enjoyed were Blok Asylum, Warning Foregone, and Specter Spelunker. Seek those out too!

Freeware Game Pick: Hold Off Brown (Ted Lauterbach) [IndieGames]

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